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About Us

Gingerbread Timing was created in 2012 by Matt Gaudet after realizing the need for a high quality timing service in Western PA. Starting with road races and XC, we have since expanded into Fully Automatic Timing for Track and Field, cycle, football combine and other race events.

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Our mission is simple, provide quality timing services to customers. Whether your event is 50 or 10,000+ runners or more, Gingerbread Timing has the experience and equipment to accommodate your needs.

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Our vision is to be the best timing service in Pennsylvania. We love running, and timing, and we value our clients.  It's part of who we are.

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Matt Gaudet

It was at the his very own backyard in Zenlienople, PA where Matt honed his own running skills. As a XC and Track athlete from middle school till graduation of IUP, running has been a central part of his life. It still is.


Ben Peng

As a former high school swimmer Ben is no stranger to races. After his swimming career was over, he kept up with various sports. He currently keeps in shape with calisthenics, biking, and running to train for his ultra marathon.

Race Manager/Timer

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